Collection Goal

Below you’ll find a demo for creating a goal in Infusionsoft that is triggered each time a customer purchases a product from a specific collection.  When using Automated Collection Types in Shopify, this gives you the ability to trigger goals when products are purchased that have specific attributes, such as brand, product type, price, product […]

Marketing Enabled Customers

If a customer has opted in for Marketing, you can use the Marketing Enabled goal to trigger appropriate actions in Infusionsoft.  To do so, create an API called in Campaign Builder with the “Integration” value of “CMS” and the “Call Name” value of “MARKETABLE” as shown in the screenshot below: Once the goal is triggered, […]

Abandoned Cart

Note that the Abandoned Cart feature requires the Connect My Sales Pro Plan or higher. Setting up the Abandoned Cart feature requires following a few steps.  We’ll walk you through each step below:   1) First, you’ll need to ensure you have the necessary custom field created in your Keap account: Abandoned Cart Data — […]

Consumable Product Campaign Example

Below you’ll find a demo for creating a consumable product campaign.  This campaign is useful for automating followup when a customer purchases a consumable product.  The campaign assumes a 30-day consumption time period, however the delay timers can be adjusted to correspond to each specific product’s serving quantities.

Creating Product Purchase Goals

There are two ways to create product purchase goals: Tag-Applied Product Purchase Goals A tag-applied product purchase goal is based on a Connect My Sales product tag being applied. Connect My Sales automatically creates tags for each product purchased (based on the product name), and applies that to the contact.  You can use these tags […]

Creating an Order Placed goal

You can create an “order placed” goal in Infusionsoft using the API goal. You can find the API goal near the bottom of the “Goals” section: Once the API goal is added, double-click on the goal to update the settings.  Use “CMS” as the “Integration” value and “PurchaseMade” as the “Call Name” value as shown […]