How Can I Sync Old Orders and Customers?

All orders placed in your e-commerce store after you subscribe to Connect My Sales will be synced automatically.   If you wish to sync past orders (those received prior to subscribing to Connect My Sales), you may be interested in our past order transfer service.  Pricing for this service is based on the number of past […]

Will Connect My Sales automatically create my store’s products in Infusionsoft?

Yes, Connect My Sales will handle creating products in Infusionsoft. When a new order is received, Connect My Sales first ensures all of the products on that order exist in Infusionsoft (using your store’s SKUs).  If a product does not yet exist in Infusionsoft, Connect My Sales will automatically create it. Because SKUs are used […]

Setting up RFM feature

To set up the RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) feature in Connect My Sales, you’ll first need to ensure you have the necessary custom fields created in your Keap account: RFM Frequency Field — this field requires a custom field with the type “Whole Number”. RFM Monetary Field — this field requires a custom field with […]