Why didn’t an order didn’t transfer to Infusionsoft?

There are a few reasons why an order may not have synced to Infusionsoft:

Historic Orders

Only orders placed after you subscribe to Connect My Sales are able to be synced to Infusionsoft.  Any past orders will not be synced.  If you wish to sync historic orders, you may wish to consider our historic import service.

Email Addresses Required

Only orders that have an email address associated with them are synced to Infusionsoft.  Ensure that your order has an email address associated with it.  This is typically only an issue for manually created and/or test orders, or orders placed using POS software that may not require an email address be entered.  For customer-placed orders in Shopify, you should select the option to require an email address be provided during checkout.

Order Status

The order must have reached the Paid status.  Orders not yet “paid” are considered draft orders and may not be final and, as such, are not synced to Infusionsoft.