Create and Apply Product Tags | Connect My Sales

In addition to creating products in Infusionsoft, Connect My Sales also creates corresponding Infusionsoft Tags for those products. These tags are applied to the Contact in Infusionsoft.

This features makes identifying customers who have purchased products easy, but also enables you to create tag-applied goals in Campaign Builder. By creating tag-applied goals, you can add the Contact to a Campaign as soon as they purchase a specific product or set of products!

Tag-applied goal-driven Campaigns can be used to:

  • Follow up with customers who purchased a specific product to make them aware of an accessory or other similar product they may wish to purchase
  • Follow up with customers who purchased a specific consumable product to remind them to re-order a predefined number of days before their product runs out
  • Follow up and specially thank customers who purchased a high-ticket item

It’s no doubt that this feature can help you to keep the conversation going with your customers to encourage additional purchases!


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