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BC2IS LogoThe “Import Products” feature will save you time.  Let us show you how…

You may already have your products created in Infusionsoft — and that’s great — but when new products are created and ordered via your Bigcommerce store, BC2IS will automatically create those in Infusionsoft for you!

And if you don’t have your products created in Infusionsoft, save yourself the effort and let BC2IS take care of the dirty work!  Enable this feature and your BigCommerce products will be created in Infusionsoft as orders containing them get placed.

For each product on a Bigcommerce order (this includes products ordered as part of a Bigcommerce “Product List” option), BC2IS will verify that the SKU is found in Infusionsoft.  And if not, it will create the new product using the following fields found in Bigcommerce:

  • Product Name (Bigcommerce’s product title)
  • Product Price
  • SKU
  • Description

Best of all, if this option is enabled, with each new Bigcommerce order, new products are automatically created when they are found — just enable the “Import Products” option to make sure Infusionsoft is staying up-to-date with your Bigcommerce product list.

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