Connect My Sales Configuration Help | Connect My Sales

Connect My Sales requires some information about your Infusionsoft app.  Here are the items needed, as well as where you can find them:

Infusionsoft App Name

This is usually a 5 letter/number name that appears before in your Infusionsoft application URL.  In the example — the Infusionsoft app name is “ab123”

Infusionsoft Encrypted Key

Found under “Admin”, “Settings”, “Application” in your Infusionsoft application.  If you haven’t already entered an API Passphrase, enter it, then click “Save” and the Encrypted Key will be generated for you.

API-Called Goal

In Campaign Builder, create a Campaign named “Order Placed”, and add a Goal of type “Other”.  Click the pencil icon to change the Goal type to “API call is made” (at the bottom of the list), and then click “Save”.  Double-click on the goal to edit the “API call is made” settings.  Leave “Integration” as the default value (it should be your Infusionsoft App Name) and enter “PurchaseMade” as the value for the “Call Name”.  Click “Save” to apply your changes.